Stick the bully and the act of bullying, with the SAN syndrome label...
SAN syndrome
SAN = Sad And Needy

This is an anti-bullying initiative project, that seeks to reduce the notion of the bully and the act of bullying to... " a social parasite of sad and needy social, civil conduct"


The notion of creating and labelling bullies with this new, (unofficial at time of concept) SAN
syndrome, is to reverse the emphasis:
From: the bully being labelled in terms of 'WINNER'...
seemingly stronger/creator (of cause and effect)
To: the bully being labelled in terms of 'PARASITIC'...
presented as a person who gains, at the expense of someone else.

A bully could therefore be ascribed the label as being socially, 'Sad And Needy'.


1. Do not say that bullies win.... say they 'gain'... they are best not described as winners... but as
gainers, at someone else's expense...
This = selfish... labelling (revealing) them as selfish... is a good thing :o)

2. bullying is PARASITIC.... the bullys actions 'take something' from a person (they gain)... but do not
give anything BACK.
To accomplish this, the bully (parasite) needs to be/get connected to host (victim), somehow,
somewhere, someplace.
... without the connection, the parasite will fail
(problematic in 'captive audience' places, schools, work, home etc)
... but a notable point in the life cycle of the parasite... as is the bully.

3. bullying is wrong.. we agree... but there is a point to bullying... being that the bullies gain... just
like parasites gain... all be it, at the expense of the unfortunate host... lets work out a way to:
... deter (change social conduct)
... treat (punish?) bullies as social/emotional parasites.

MEANWHILE... give bullies the label of having SAN syndrome (Sad And Needy)

Kind Regards
SAN syndrome (concept) team.


Is the notion of 'creating' this SAN syndrome concept useful...
1. In deterring bullies and bullying
2. In reversing the notion:
... that bullies 'win' and are winners
... to bullies 'gain' and so are 'parasites' and are therefore socially 'sad and needy'

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